Holiday Planning

As January marches on, the weather gets colder, darker and wetter, and we long for the sun-drenched days of Summer. At a time when all of us have a little less money and a little more weight, we need to inject a little happiness into our lives more than ever – and I have the perfect solution to lift you from that rut.

Make your January that bit more exciting, and start holiday planning!

Whether its googling travel destinations, working out the best beaches or a full, in-depth breakdown of the Belgian rail network, this is the perfect time of year to start thinking about your Summer ventures. Ignore the rainy, cold outside and focus on that sun on your laptop.

Using you can get to grips with early ideas for costings and journey times between A and B, whilst gives you an ‘everywhere’ option so you don’t have to limit yourselves to any specific place.

Go ahead and do these steps;

  1. Think of your dream holiday place
  2. Google it, looking at images, restaurants, crazy local traditions…
  3. Dream it – really mull over the idea in your head
  4. Fine tune all the details and get them ironed out

January may not be the month to book, but its the month to PLAN. Work out where you want to go, what you want to see, which restaurants you want to eat in, which camel you want to ride and the specific top you want to wear for your arrival snaps in the hotel lobby.

Find inspiration from everything. Maybe you’ve just noticed that your mint tea is actually ‘Moroccan Mint’ and now you want to visit Marrakesh. Or has that excess Christmas turkey got you dreamy of Turkish sunsets. If you’re really stuck on where to go, look to the everyday for a little bit of help.

Remember, you don’t need to commit to anything just yet – but get your ideas rolling and, hopefully by the month’s end, you’ll know exactly where your next adventure will take you.

Featured photo is from Iasi, Romania


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