The Rebirth of Middlesbrough

My hometown, Middlesbrough, is a humble, down-to-earth town straddling the boundary between Yorkshire and the North East. Its been on its knees and, like a phoenix, its now rising from the ashes and coming alive.

As a uni student, Middlesbrough is now only my home during holidays, celebrations and the occasional homesickness-fuelled trip, and so I see Middlesbrough’s growth rapidly. Each time I return home there’s a new micro-pub, or bar, or restaurant, or exhibition. There’s something exciting each time I get on the train towards nearby Darlington, wondering what new trinket the town has gained.



The first time I left Middlesbrough for uni, the town left little to be desired. It was still filled with the same fighting spirit, and a few haunts had remained stoic in the face of the recession – but there was closures of hundreds of businesses. However, returning that first Christmas I learned the news of the redevelopment of Bedford and Baker Street. The flame had been lit, and its redevelopment spread like wildfire.


Baker and Bedford Street now stand like beacons of hope and stand for Middlesbrough’s future. Filled with independent businesses, quirky cocktail bars and cute cafes, it is a cosmopolitan dream nestled on the edge of the town’s centre.

But that wasn’t it. Cocktails appear to be on the up in the mighty Boro, with The Nuthatch, The Dovecot, Macy Brown’s and The Townhouse weathering the storm and establishing themselves as viable, successful businesses. The haunts have become popular, and never has it been better to go out drinking in the town.

A new lease of life has been breathed into Southfield Road and the Uni of Teesside area. A giant outdoor screen nestled on a living wall of plants. Making it completely pedestrianised has made the pubs even more popular, and serves to integrate the area to fell more part of the town centre.The uni itself is going from strength to strength, with new ultra-modern buildings and an increasing reputation. Soon, Middlesbrough will be on the map in the academic world, as well as the cultural world.


MIMA and Centre Square continue to go from strength to strength. The art gallery boasts works from the infamous LS Lowry and Tracey Emin, as well as local artists, culture sits at the centre of the town’s reinvigoration. The area around the gallery, formerly known colloquially as ‘The Scene Green’, remains a must-see in the town. With fairy-lit trees, a giant screen showcasing thousands of hours of news and the newly renovated area around makes pleasant strolls and a grassy escape from the hubbub

Middlesbrough is growing and developing rapidly, and there is a buzz about the town.

Featured Photo is The Bottle of Notes in Middlesbrough.
Other Photos are; (1) Flatts Lane Country Park, Middlesbrough; (2) The Nuthatch, Middlesbrough; (3) Centre Square, Middlesbrough


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