New Year, Improved Me

So often people make the statement “new year, new me”, or rather the brunt of Facebook statuses appear to mock those that make this proclamation. Something peculiar has happened over the past few years, with less people making the statement whilst more seem to complain about its existence now than ever before. I too used to be one of those that complained about it, and giving a fresh view, I shall elaborate on why.

Despite issues with the phrase I have set in motion four New Year’s goals;

  1. To lose some of my excess weight and eat healthier on the whole.
  2. To drink a lot more water and lower my alcohol consumption.
  3. To have at least two veggie/vegan days a week.
  4. To save some money to put towards my masters.

I have set these in motion too. On the 1st of January, I signed up to WeightWatchers. Tracking everything I eat and assigning a points value to it is a strange concept, but I shall soldier on. My goal is to lose two stone by the end of the year, and I honestly believe I can do it. I’ve also set myself the challenge of ‘Dry January’ – going a month without drinking alcohol. This will give my body a detox, but also boosts my health and my wallet; something we all need after the over-indulgence of Christmas and New Years.

But I’m not making a “new me”, I’m making an ‘improved me’. I’m still me, I haven’t become a new person, nor replaced what the phrase would suggest as an ‘old me’. Its a disservice to oneself to make a new me. You are still the same person, even if you are kicking a habit or working to a new goal, you’re still as great as you always were. What makes you yourself is your quirks, your laugh, the way you tell stories. Those aspects are still present there in you, and so you’re still YOU. There is no creation of a ‘new me’ in the new year, but there is room for an improved me – and that is the energy that should be applied to those goals and resolutions.

Featured Photo is me and my boyfriend in Bloo 88, Sheffield


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