Market Madness

One amazing aspect of the festive season is the abundance of Christmas markets, adorning the streets of most towns and cities up and down the country. Selling everything from homemade spirits and jams, to liquorice and clocks, there is something quite magical about these markets. Armed with kilometres of bratwurst and gallons of mulled wine, they’re the perfect place for a festive day out or a pit-stop for last minute Christmas shopping.

One of the busiest Christmas markets in the whole country – Lincoln’s market is a spectacle limited to just four days. Popping up in the centre of the Old Town, an array of stalls and shacks line the Medieval streets. Such an expansive market has gained a reputation, and this makes it incredibly popular as thousands of people flock to the city. Trains filled to capacity continually slog across counties – delivering people in droves. An expectant rush of people ascend Steep Hill to marvel at the festivities, and nobody is disappointed.


There are almost three mini markets that make up the whole market. The bulk lays within the grounds of Lincoln Castle, creating a regal sense that adds grandeur to four day stint of the market. Walking out of the castle and over the drawbridge, a second section blossoms before the eyes. With slightly smaller stalls, this is where knick-knacks and bespoke Christmas gifts find their home, as well as several concentrated pockets of food halls. This part of the market flows out into the final part – a sprawling mass that seems to engulf the rest of the Old Town. An apparent disordered stretch of stalls, bratwurst kitchens and marquees fill the streets as visitors drift between them.

It engulfs the whole city, but is definitely worth a visit. Lincoln itself is an ancient wonder, filled with world class Medieval architecture and quaint, shambled avenues. There’s something grand and kitsch about the city, and the market encapsulates this into a small, four-day extravaganza.

Featured Photo is of the Christmas Market atop Step Hill, Lincoln
Other photo is of me and my boyfriend in front of Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln


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