Independent Sheffield #3 – The Great Gatsby

The second cocktail bar to make it onto the list, The Great Gatsby has had a place well and truly in my heart since I first moved to Sheffield. Filled with shiny brass tables, stripped wood floors and a matching tiled bar and DJ booth, the bar oozes a coolness that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world.

Its the type of bar that covers everything a bar could possibly want to be. Its a relaxed, chilled vibe for those that want a natter and a catch up over a glass of wine. Its a lively weekend haunt to drink vodka creations and dance ’til the early hours. Its an after-work treat or post-exam reward to grab a quick drink. Its a romantic date night with candles, flowers and one too many cocktails. Throughout the day the bar changes and transforms, and caters towards everyone’s tastes.


Nestled in the heart of Sheffield’s cocktail haven Division Street, there is no competition about where one should go to sample the latest gin-infused tipple. The menu and quality of the spirits on offer are unrivalled, and the flavours are always amazing and tantalising. Be it the iconic Ginny Hendrix or the delectable Gatsby Clubman, there is a cocktail for each and every taste.

During their happy hour (a generous Sunday-Thursday til 10pm), certain cocktails are only £4.50 – and some of their best creations are included in this offer. Flat Cap Julep echoes their Yorkshire setting by combining Yorkshire tea and Bulleit bourbon in a cool and unassuming tipple, whilst Strawberry Rhapsody risks bold black pepper and cream soda to create a sweet treat that sings on the palette.


Its not just the drinks that make Gatsby stand out – its food is some of the best Mexican the Steel City has to offer. The Shy Boy Cantina boasts the best nachos in the city, a plethora of vegetarian options and an array of small plates to create the tapas of dreams. Cocktails and Mexican food never did taste so good.

If you’re not already convinced, hidden above the chic Gatsby is its own sister bar, Daisy’s. The best hidden gem of the city, the bar boasts an aesthetic that is unseen anywhere. It seems to still be shrouded in a mystery, and people should definitely take advantage before this bar takes off. In an interesting twist, the bar offers solely table service, and “you need a seat to be served”. Its definitely worth booking into this secretive haunt, and sampling from their exclusive menu.

Featured Photo is of the Gatsby Clubman and the Cherry Boulvardier in The Great Gatsby, Sheffield
Other Photos; (1) The Gatsby Clubman in The Great Gatsby, Sheffield; (2) Two cocktails from the 2015 menu of The Great Gatsby, Sheffield 


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