Independent Sheffield #2 – The Wick at Both Ends

If there’s one thing that Sheffield has in abundance, its an array of bars and cocktail specialists. Boasting everything from tiki-themed cocktails to a floral forest of drinks, the Steel City has a plethora of options to spend Wine Wednesdays, or whenever the desire for a cocktail hits. Sometimes it can be overwhelming with the sheer volume of choice, with Sheffield boasting both chains and independent businesses. As the second post in the series, this post will be dedicated to one of Sheffield’s best independent bars;

The Wick at Both Ends

Sitting in the heart of West Street, competition is tough. As Sheffield’s main watering hole, there’s a type of establishment for everyone. Yet, The Wick remains one of the city’s top spots.


With an interior similar to that of a homely pub, the bar is lavishly adorned with fairy lights and plush furniture. There’s a warming atmosphere that makes the worries of the day just melt away as you exist in this slice of cosiness. Its as if the bar exists in its own world, far away from the hustle and bustle of the street beyond, nursing you into the ultimate relaxation zone.

Infamous for its signature ‘lemon drizzle shots’, a sense of theatre and drama is brought to this serene setting. Both tasty and a spectacle, the shot involves spices and flames and becomes the highlight of every night. Its such a crowd-pleaser that they’ve even exported the shots to some of their ‘sister’ bars.


Boasting ‘after work drinks’ between 5-9 on weekdays, a plethora of drinks offers are available. Who can say no to a large glass of Pinot for the price of a small? Maybe a cocktail for just £3.90 takes your fancy. Or if your tipple is an ale (of which Sheffield is famous for) there’s even discounted pints – heavenly.

If all this wasn’t reason enough, there food menu is perfectly matches the cosy feel of the place. Filled with homely favourites reminiscent of grandma’s Sunday roast, The Wick puts modern twists on these classic dishes, and it tastes amazing. The Wick is my favourite haunt on Wine Wednesdays or for a nice drink – and definitely flies the flag well for Sheffield.


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