The Ultimate Guide to Eccy Road

Published on The Tab

Nestled just a stone’s throw from Endcliffe, Eccy Road is a mecca for foodies. Boasting both chains and independent businesses, the area doubles as the ideal spot to unwind with an abundance of green spaces – maintaining Sheffield’s reputation as ‘the greenest city in Europe’.

When the hangover hits

Whether you’re sporting the dreaded Corpover, or West Street Live’s £4 wine has ruined your morning, Ecclesall Road is there with a helping hand.

KFC is a safe bet for fried, chicken goodness. Be sure to grab a card for the ‘Colonel’s Club’ and start racking up those points. Before you know it you’ll have a free meal and can drown yourself in the heavenly gravy. If you’re feeling a little more exotic, Taco Bell offers the unbeatable free-fills. The dry mouth that haunts us all will be gone in next to no time.

Those clever amongst us who buy the hangover food before the inevitable games of Ring of Fire, have a plethora of choice. Tesco, M&S and Waitrose all find themselves at home on Ecclesall Road. Whilst your flatmates have to venture into the great outdoors you can sit comfortably in your onesie watching Jezza, chowing down on an artisan pizza or that extra nourishing quinoa salad you thought would be a good idea.

Date night options

Eccy Road is the ideal location to get sparks flying whilst you enjoy flavours from America to Zimbabwe. For a full romantic experience check out the candle lit wonder of Maranello’s – an Italian with recipes passed down through generations of the Maranello family. Ideal if you want to recreate the iconic Lady and the Tramp scene.

If you need something spicier to set the mood, Eccy Road boasts two of the best Indian restaurants this side of the Curry Mile. Ashoka’s menu includes dishes such as “Aunty’s Aloo Bhindi” and “Mr Singh’s Saag Karai”, delivering a personal touch accompanied by great flavours. Just a few doors down is Prith Raj, undisputed king of Sheffield’s curry scene. There’s a sense of class as your palette is wowed with sophisticated flavours and the tastes of India and Bangladesh.

Maybe a mate date is in order, and Eccy Road is the ideal locale for a girls night, or the cheekiest of Nandos. Get together with your NUS discount and enjoy reduced Pizza Express, or treat yourself to some sushi at Koko and enjoy a free glass of prosecco.

Drinks for every occasion

Catering for all tastes, there’s a watering hole for everyone on the Ecclesall Road. A solid crowd pleaser, the tried and tested format of Spoons finds a home in The Sheaf Island, a shining shrine to those infamous cocktail pitchers. Five minutes up the road is The Nursery Tavern, offering £2 pints on certain Wednesdays, and the beer garden that is everyone’s Instagram aesthetic – a sunny pre-Corp sesh never felt so good.

If you’re more of a serious ale drinker, then The Lescar is waiting to welcome you to its doors. Filled with fairy lights, board games and the homeliness of a village pub, there’s an ever changing cider, beer and ale range that are guaranteed to please. A range of ales are also available at Portland House, dedicated to the golden nectar itself, whilst The Beer House has the title of Sheffield’s first micro pub.

Maybe cocktails are what you’re in the mood for. Monk Bar, with a 5-7pm happy hour and cocktails that pack a punch, is the perfect way to start an Eccy Road bar crawl or to sit and have that much needed catchup.

The Cowshed is a little more upmarket – you have the chance to sit in throne-like chairs like the cocktail queen you always dreamed you’d be. The Mud Crab has ditched the ‘happy hour’ in favour of ‘happy day’ – reducing all cocktails to £6 each, blissful.

Free activities

The Botanical Gardens offer some of the prettiest and most relaxing scenes one can hope to experience. Filled with  flowers and trees, landscaped to within an inch of its life, it is great for a both explorations and picnics. Bonus points if you can find the secret bear pit hidden in the gardens.When it all gets a little too much and you just want to escape, Eccy Road offers you several options. Endcliffe Park is an expansive green space complete with stepping stones, ducks and a pond. What’s even better is that the park extends for acres; and even leads onto a secondary park and eventually into the Peak District.

Ecclesall Road, has your back and offers anything you could possibly want. Be it a haircut, your weekly shop or a hankering for Thai food, you can find it all and more on Sheffield’s ‘Golden Mile’.


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